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Walter 34B011 ~ Plastic Closed Guard 5 Inch

by Walter
24.96 CAD

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  • The ZIPCUTTER kit is a cordless angle cutter delivers the highest performance where a power supply is not available and is the only tool on the market able to power a 6" cutting wheel
  • It is paired with a 18V/ 5.2 Ah battery pack, the only one on the market with a Ventilated Charging System, allowing you to charge faster without damaging the battery
  • Similar to other state-of-the-art Walter grinders, this cordless cutter leverages the DYNAMAX electronic RPM control which protects the unit from overloading and overheating, 270° rotating battery pack and easy access to the internal carbon brushes
  • This cordless cutter features an electronic single cell protection, which prevents the cutter from short-circuiting and ruining the battery
  • Its special design prevents misalignment and vibration, allowing for more precise cutting with further stability
  • This cutter is available in two versions, 4-1/2"/5" and a 6" version.
  • Part # 34B011
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    Product type Guards
  • Ventilated Charging System 270° rotating rear housing
  • Lightweight DYNAMAX electronics
  • LED overload protection indicator
  • Electronic clutch
  • Detachable dust filter
  • Anti-vibration handle
  • Electronic single cell protection on battery
  • LED charge indicator on battery
  • Bevelled gears
  • Front retaining plate
  • Rear bushing
  • Spindle lock button
  • Power switch