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Jet SGP150A ~ 1-1/2 Ton Sumo Series Grip Puller Heavy Duty (Without Cable)

by Jet
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1-1/2 Ton JET Series Grip Puller - Heavy Duty (Without Cable)

  • Compact high strength steel housing
  • Light weight, simple and safe to operate
  • May be used in any position to lift, pull, lower, or stretch heavy loads
  • The rope clamp system is easily disengaged with a lever, allowing smooth installation of the wire rope
  • Overload protection is built-in with a shear pin in the forward lever, which will break when overloaded
  • The broken pins can be replaced without removing the load and spare shear pins are conveniently located in the rubber sleeve of the telescopic handle for JGP-75A and in the carrying handle for the JGP-150A and JGP-300A
  • The design enables wire rope to be fed through 2 sets of wear resistant interlocking jaws by a single operating lever
  • The JGP Wire Rope Pulling Hoist has a parallel clamping system, which has a large surface contact area, providing an evenly distributed grip at a lower force that results in less rope wear and maximum safety
  • The system offers a longer rope advance and requires less handle pulling effort, thus increasing operator efficiency
  • All JGP Wire Rope Pulling Hoists are tested and have individual serial numbers for easy traceability to a test certificate (included)
  • Uses standard ASA and IWRC wire rope (not included)
  • Meets ANSI B30.21 standards (certificate included)
  • Part # 111137
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    Product type Grip Puller
  • Rated Lifting Capacity : 3,520 lb
  • Rated Pulling Capacity : 2.8 T
  • Rated Pulling Capacity : 5,720 lb
  • Standard Wire Rope Diameter : 7/16 Inch
  • Operating Rope Advance : 2.36 Inch
  • Effort at Rated Load : 93 lb
  • Telescopic Handle Length : 44 Inch