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JET Jet-Kut 570456 ~ 7/8 Inch -Kut Gold Super Premium M2 H.S.S. Prentice Drill Bit 570456

by JET
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7/8 Inch JET-KUT GOLD Super Premium M2 H.S.S. Prentice Drill Bit

  • Super Premium 118° Split Point Drill Bits – Bronze Oxide (Gold) Finish
  • Made from heavy duty high molybdenum, hardened steel for increased consistency and greater wear resistance
  • Flutes are ground to extremely tight tolerances for increased accuracy and consistency in the point and split grinding process, resulting in more accurate hole sizes
  • Flutes have a thin nitro-carburized surface to provide extra wear resistance along the cutting edge of the point
  • Special flute form enhances chip ejection, reduces drill retractions (woodpeckering) and improves coolant flow to the tip
  • Split point provides the drill with self-centring/non-walking characteristics by giving the drill two starting points
  • Split point also reduces the thrust required to penetrate the workpiece
  • The superior bronze oxide (gold) ground flute finish reduces friction, allowing outstanding drilling performance with less operator pressure
  • JET offers TORQUE DRIVE three ground flats on the shank to provide a strong positive chuck grip virtually eliminating the potential for the drill to slip in the chuck
  • The thin web of the JET-KUT GOLD PRENTICE BIT permits fast feed rates which make it ideal for drilling work on hardened steels such as 304, 306, and 316 stainless steel
  • Part # 570456
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    Line Jet-Kut
    Product type Drill Bits
  • Shank Diameter : 1/2 Inch