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Walter 15T506 ~ 5 Inch x 7/8 Gr60 Ergoflex Walter 15T506

by Walter
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  • ErgoFlex™ is an abrasive that combines our proprietary Cyclone™ Technology grain blend with a type 29 disc design to provide a solution for professionals looking to maximize workplace safety and ergonomics without sacrificing productivity
  • These wheels allow for a more comfortable working angle than type 27 depressed center grinding wheels while minimizing the amount of noise and dust created during weld blending operations
  • The aggressive 36 grit abrasive grain blend also removes material quickly, allowing you to strike a perfect balance between comfort, safety and productivity.
  • Part # 15T506
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  • Advanced Cyclone Technology abrasive grain blend
  • removes material fast for improved productivity
  • Designed for extremely smooth, comfortable blending of both flat and curved surfaces
  • Less risk of gouging compared to traditional grinding wheels